We’re sure to appreciate whisky neat, as well as we much like to experiment with the flavor of the spirit in a well-put concoction. At WoW Atlanta, mixology booth by Heaven Hill was a popular destination, and we keep receiving the ‘how do I mix it?” questions from the audience. As much as we’d like to keep it a secret, at least till the next Expo, here is how:

  • Old Fashioned featuring Larceny Bourbon
  • Simple Syrup 1:1
  • Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters
  • Bitter Cube Orange Bitters
  • Orange Garnish

Perfect for a nice relaxing afternoon with a favorite bourbon, as our bourbon devotee noted, the cocktail allows one to enjoy the mixology in its simplistic, “old-fashioned” way.

Larceny bourbon (the bottling name is John E. Fitzgerald Larceny), the latest release from the US largest independent distillery, was inspired by the namesake 18th century distiller, who made “the taste of bourbon famous by an infamous act”. What was such an act?-a good question to ask the Heaven Hill folks at your next Expo. For now, reward your taste buds with the cocktail or Larceny neat. It’s different: continuing the Old Fitzgerald tradition of using wheat in place of rye as the third or “small” grain in the whiskey’s mashbill allows to replace the spicier, fruitier flavor notes that rye provides with a softer, rounder character that is the hallmark of Old Fitzgerald and other “wheated” bourbons. Cheers to Old that is still in Fashion!