WoW Expo San Francisco Seminars

Masterclass Schedule San Fran 2014


Ferryboat Santa Rosa

SF Belle Top Deck

6:00 pm

Steve Beal (Diageo: Senior Master of Whisky): "A Rare Tasting"

Chip Tate (Balcones Distillery) “Whisky Aromas: Where do they come from?”

7:05 pm

Josh Gelfand (The Glenlivet) “Understanding Flavor through Aromas”

David Perkins (High West): "Whiskey: An organoleptic journey"

8:10 pm

Jon Trainer  (Glenmorangie) “Crafting a Flavor Profile”

Cigars and Whisky: Ed Travino of Partagas and Macanudo



Steve Beal (Diageo: Senior Master of Whisky) "A Rare Tasting"

6:00pm (Ferryboat Santa Rosa)

Steve Beal, Sr. Master of Whisky, will take you on a Journey through the Heartland of North American Whisky with a narrative tasting which includes some very unusual and rare whiskey stocks. Steve is presenting his 13th Master Class at Whiskies of the World Expo. His seminars are among the Expo's most popular. 

Steve will be joined by Tom Bulleit, founder of Bulleit Bourbon and Doug Kragel, National Ambassador for George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.


Josh Gelfand (The Glenlivet) “Understanding Flavor through Aromas”

7:05pm (Ferryboat Santa Rosa)

Josh Gelfand will lead guests through a sampling journey that covers the core range of The Glenlivet, The Single Malt that Started it All. Participants will be educated on the brand’s unique history while going through an aroma exercise to help simplify the main flavor components of single malt.

Jon Trainer  (Glenmorangie) “Crafting a Flavor Profile”

8:10pm (Ferryboat Santa Rosa)

Jon Trainer, the new Glenmorangie and Ardbeg Brand Ambassador for the Western United States, has 12 years in the Food and Beverage industry. Jon has extensive whisky knowledge and industry experience that  has included setting up whisky programs for restaurants and corporate whisky educational programs.  Jon will be discussing the important factors  that create Glenmorangie’s flavor profile. These factors include Tarlogie Spring Water, Maturation, Dr. Bill and the Tallest Stills. The primary focus will be on cask maturation.  We will taste our current Extra Matured Range and guests will get to sample and guess the cask maturation of 3 surprise cask samples.


Chip Tate (Balcones Distillery) “Whisky Aromas: Where do they come from?”

6:00pm (SF Belle top deck)

An introductory level, hands-on workshop aimed at helping whisky enthusiasts understand the spirit they love.  Where do the fruity aromas come from? Coconut aromas? Solvent smells? We'll focus on a handful of key aromas and discuss their origins in the whiskey making process.


David Perkins (High West): "Whiskey: An Organoleptic Journey"

7:05pm (SF Belle top deck)

Whiskey: an organoleptic journey (or one start-up’s lessons in the determinants of flavor, distilling styles, distilling mistakes, and the most mis-understood things in the world of whiskey.)

Join David Perkins, Proprietor of High West Distillery, for a glimpse into High West’s journey from a crazy idea to a full-fledged distillery and participate in some key decisions made along the way.  You will taste multiple distillates to better understand TTB whiskey regulations, cut points, yeast, distilling mistakes, and one of our weaknesses: whiskey and chocolate.


Cigars and Whisky: Ed Travino of Partagas and Macanudo

8:10pm (SF Belle top deck)

Ed Trevino, with over 20 years in the premium tobacco industry, trained on premium cigar manufacturing in 4 different countries. General Cigar Company, whose factories are located in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua and has a myriad of iconic brands that you are sure to recognize.  In this class is Blue Flame Rye Whiskey and an Isle of Arran 14 Year Old  Malt will be paired with a Partagas and a Macanudo cigar.