WoW Expo San Francisco Seminars

Masterclasses for Whiskies of the World San Francisco 2015

Masterclasses are 45 minutes each. We recommend taking one class, and we cannot reserve more than two classes per person. If reserving a class for more than one person you must use each person’s name. We will not hold multiple seats for the same name.

PDF tickets are NOT required for the masterclasses. Names will be on a check-in list.

Tickets are $10 per class. For those with a VIP or Dram Club ticket, please sign up and you will be refunded IF you show up to the class.


***Seats for the classes are only guaranteed if registered guests are at the class five minutes before start time***


Masterclass Schedule San Fran 2015


Ferryboat Santa Rosa

SF Belle Top Deck

6:00 pm

David Perkins (High West): Whiskey: An Organoleptic Journey

Josh Gelfand  (The Glenlivet): Wood Makes the Whisky

7:15 pm

Monique Huston (Marsalle): A Global Whisky Sampler

David King (Anchor Distilling) The Most Interesting Whisk(e)y Portfolio in the World

8:30 pm

Ewan Morgan and Gregor Cattanach: The Evolution of Scotch Whisky

Cigars and Whisky: Partagas cigars with Kilchoman Single Malt and Jack Daniels Single Barrel


David Perkins (High West): Whiskey: An Organoleptic Journey

6:00pm (Ferryboat Santa Rosa)

Whiskey: Join David Perkins, Proprietor of High West Distillery, for an experiential seminar of multiple whiskey distillates to better understand government regulations around whiskey definitions, cut points, yeast, mistakes, important chemical copmpounds in whiskey, and one of our weaknesses: whiskey and chocolate.


Monique Houston (Marsalle): A Global Whisky Sampler

7:15 pm (Ferryboat Santa Rosa)

We will taste the Drumguish single malt (Scotland), James Oliver Rye (American), Lark Tasmanian Cask Strength Single Malt (Tasmania), Uisce Beatha Real Irish Whiskey (Ireland) and a surprise Scott’s Selection single cask single malt offering.

Monique Houston CSW, began a career in the spirits industry as the curator of one of the world's largest single malt scotch whisky collections. Leading many whisky and spirits tastings, seminars, and tours for over a decade, she garnered a passion for the industry which continues to grow. After spending a year in Spain, dedicating time to continuing whisky and sherry education. in January 2012 she joined the Stoller Wine and Spirits team based in Chicago as the Elite Spirits Portfolio Manager, responsible for new spirits procurement, education and distribution. You will get to know her as the National Spirits Education Ambassador for The Marsalle Company, spreading the word of MacGavin's and Drumguish Single Malts, James Oliver Rye, Uisce Beatha Real Irish Whiskey, Lark Tasmanian Single Malt, and many other premium spirits brands. Monique was recently certified a Glazer’s Product Expert and was recently inducted as a Keeper of the Quaich.

Ewan Morgan, Gregor Cattanach (Diageo): The Evolution of Scotch Whisky

8:30pm (Ferryboat Santa Rosa)

Ewan Morgan and Gregor Cattanach will take you on a journey discovering the evolution of whisky production in Scotland over the last 5 centuries while sampling some surprising delights along the way.


Josh Gelfand (The Glenlivet): Wood Makes the Whisky

6:00pm (SF Belle top deck)

Aberlour to The Glenlivet, five miles away yet worlds apart. Join us as we dive into the complexities of wood management and how cask selection greatly influences the flavor profile of each spirit.

David King (Anchor Distilling): The Most Interesting Whisk(e)y Portfolio in the World; Challenging the Norms

7:15pm (SF Belle top deck)

David King, president of Anchor Distilling, highlights the most interesting whiskies from around the world.  Taste six unusual whiskies that most have never had the opportunity to experience or buy. 


Cigars and Whisky: Lana Fraser of Partagas and Macanudo

8:30pm (SF Belle top deck)

Welcome Lana Fraser, the premium event manager for General Cigar Company whose factories are located in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Lana’s specialty is consumer education on handcrafted premium cigars. Ms. Fraser along with our whisky ambassadors will be guide you on a sensory journey utilizing Partagas cigars, Jack Daniels Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey and Kilchoman Machir Bay Single Malt.