Whiskies of the World Austin 2017


Masterclasses are 45 minutes each. We recommend taking one class and not more than one class. We cannot reserve more than two classes per person. If reserving a class for more than one person you must use each person’s name. We will not hold multiple seats for the same name. You must arrive five minutes before class to claim your reserved seat. Seats not claimed will be given to standby.

Please bring PDF tickets to speed up masterclass check-in.

Following are Masterclasses from 2016


7:00pm (Classroom A)

Jonathan Wingo (Balvenie): Cask Finishing: Wood, In-Drink, and Time
As more and more distilleries explore the process of double maturation, the variety and possibilities seem endless. We will discuss the building blocks of the choices: differences in wood types, the left behind liquid, and length of time. The Balvenie pioneered what has now become this widely used technique called “finishing.” Jonathan Wingo will lead a discussion and tasting on how different attributes of double maturation interact with distillery characteristics.

8:10pm (Classroom A)

Simon Brooking, John Campbell (Laphroaig)
Simon Brooking is a well-known expert on Scotch whisky, Simon has worked for a number of leading Scotch distilleries, learning the art and science of distilling from the world’s foremost master distillers and blenders. John Campbell is a whisky advocate for the Laphroaig brand. Simon and John will talk about the Laphroaig whisky and what distinguishes it from the rest.

9:20pm (Classroom A)

Bruce Russel (Russell’s Reserve)
Bruce Russell, who hails from a long family line of whisky producers, will walk you through a tasting of whiskies from the Russell’s Reserve line.

7:00pm (Classroom B)

David Perkins (High West Distillery)
David Perkins is the Proprietor of High West Distillery. He will talk about some “why’s” behind High West and a glimpse into High West’s journey from silly idea to attempting to become a full-fledged distilling business with a big dream. David will share the stories behind High West and answer the questions: Why Utah? How the products came to be. Why blend? Why build a distillery in Utah’s mountains? Why do you want to sign up for this seminar? You will taste High West’s core range and some yet to be released products made on High West’s new Forsyths pot at the world’s only distillery dude ranch.

8:10pm (Classroom B)

Brendan McCarron (Glenmorangie)
Brendan McCarron joined The Glenmorangie Company as Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks in June 2014. His resume includes management positions at Oban, Lagavulin, Caol Illa, Port Ellen and Roseisle distilleries. At Glenmorangie, Brendan works closely with the Distillery Managers to ensure that the quality of spirit produced at Glenmorangie and Ardbeg is consistent and sufficient stocks are laid down to develop future expressions of Glenmorangie and Ardbeg. Brendan works in the Whisky Creation Team alongside Dr. Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation and Whisky Stocks.

9:20 pm (Cigar Patio)

Cigar & Whisky Pairing with Bobalou Cigars
There is a fine art to pairing exceptional cigars and whiskies. With its vanilla, caramel, oak and spice notes, whisky proves a perfect companion to smokes of medium and dark wrapper varieties. Join a cigar expert pairing seminar and panel discussion to highlight the marriage between smoke and whisky. Featuring multiple cigars paired with Old Pulteney 12 Scotch Malt and Bourbon (TBD). As new regulations do not allow free cigars there will be a minimal charge.