Whiskies of the World in Houston 2016

Masterclasses for Whiskies of the World Houston 2016

Masterclasses are 45 minutes. Arrive five minutes early to claim your seat if you pre-registered.

7:00 pm (Classroom A)


8:10 pm (Classroom A)


7:00pm (Classroom B)


8:10pm (Classroom B)


9:20 pm (Cigar Patio)

Cigar and Whisky with The Man Cave
There is a fine art to pairing exceptional cigars and whiskies. With its vanilla, caramel, oak and spice notes, whisky proves a perfect companion to smokes of medium and dark wrapper varieties. Join cigar pairing seminar and panel discussion to highlight the marriage between smoke and whisky. Featuring multiple cigars paired with a bourbon and a malt.