Whisky Matters: June Newsletter

Welcome to Whiskies of the World's June newsletter, read on for news about the upcoming Expos

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WOW Awards and Upcoming Austin

Some Whiskies of the World Awards Results, and the upcoming Expos

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San Francisco and San Jose Recap

We want to thank everyone in attendance for making the San Francisco and the San Jose events grand successes!

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Prelude to WoW SF @ San Pedro Square Market, San Jose

Experience Whiskies of the World in San Jose

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Scotch whisky industry reports export growth

Scotch whisky exports grew strongly in the first half of this year as demand rose in both mature and emerging markets, according to industry figures.

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Heavenly Mixology

We’re sure to appreciate whisky neat, as well as we much like to experiment with the flavor of the spirit in a well-put concoction.

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Dr Jim Swan to visit WoW SF

Meet Dr. Jim Swan at the Kavalan Whisky table.

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Glenmorangie & Ardbeg Whisky Pairing Dinner
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Whisky dinner at Dixie (San Francisco) with Chip Tate

Our next culinary experience is in San Fancisco.

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The Irish

The Expo is proud to show a variety of Irish whiskies, blends and single malts, older and younger, for your appreciation and comparison.

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