Whisky Matters newsletter - April

Dear Whisky Friends,


We want to thank everyone in attendance for making this year’s WoW Expo such a great night and grand success! Thanks to you for joining us on board the Hornblower for another remarkable WoW experience. We’re happy to be receiving your feedback, which is the best reward and greatest encouragement for us to produce even better and bigger shows!


Many of you liked to “float” along the whisky waters. Going back to the Hornblower as our venue opened up so much space for all the evening’s activities. The addition of the boat next door’s classrooms allowed so many of you to experience the masterclasses offered by our experts and world-famed distillers and blenders. With two full decks of tasting booths, we’re sure you had your fill! Wasn’t the mixology booth from Beam Global a blast? A different, complex cocktail every hour! How did you like the molecular cocktail demonstrations? Isn’t it the best way to learn about the science of blending while having the fun of indulging? That’s just the sort of new features we love adding to the show for you!


So many thanks go to our amazing exhibitors from brands large and small. We LOVE introducing you to new distilleries and spirits, as well as offering a huge range of spirits that extend across the wide-reaching category of ‘whisky/whiskey.’ We hope you experimented with new experiences as well as enjoyed your old favorites. Who indulged with Rosebank and Cragganmore from Diageo’s 2011 special releases or Italy’s independent bottlings by Samaroli, Scotch “without borders?”



Whiskies of the World merchandise

Thanks also for visiting the WoW merchandise table - a nice addition to this year. If you missed us, but are still in need of some whisky memorabilia, visit our website for the specialty nosing and tasting glasses, and WoW imprinted whisky lover wear: T-shirts, polos, and hats. What a wonderful way to remember the tasteful evening of the Expo, with a gift for yourself and friends!


Our newest exhibitor in whisky glassware presented their Neat Glass; an exceptional product that promises to link science and pleasure in nosing and tasting of your favorite alcoholic drinks. Read their informative - but hardly boring theorems of nosing, and order the innovative glasses - one may never have too many glasses.


This year again, we had the chance to explore more of the multidimensional whisky territory: by holding the event on the Hornblower yacht, we’ve enjoyed the distinction of having a venue that allowed us to give you a cigar experience along with your spirits.


Many thanks to General Cigars for providing the evening’s generous supply of cigars for the wonderful whisky and cigar adventure, which proved to be a perfect combination indeed! The delectable sampling was made possible thanks to Ed Trevino, a true cigar guru, and brilliant ambassadors from Douglas Laing (Brad Jarvis) and Prichard’s distillery (Phil Prichard).What a taste buds’ fest it was to pair puffy concoctions with whiskies so different in class and taste…we can’t wait til next year!



Howdy whisky enthusiasts! Whiskies of the World Austin, Texas

And some of us won’t have to, as we’re excited to announce the Whiskies of the World Expo in Austin, Texas, coming up on November 2. The Hyatt Regency Austin, a trendy and spacious venue located in the heart of Austin, will be our generous host that we’ll fill until it brims with amazing whiskies, enriching masterclasses, and fun whisky elements and goodies that you loved so much from the San Francisco Expo. Tickets will go out shortly; be the first one to attend the first WoW Expo, Texan style!



Whiskies of the World supporting retailers

For those of you with a hankering to fill your spirits shelves at home with the extraordinary drinks you sampled at the Expo, make sure to visit our supporting retailers:


The Whisky Shop 

Retailer for specialty Scotch and Irish Whiskies.

360 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA, 94108. (415) 989-1030

Offering discounts on all Expo pours:


Ledgers Liquors 

1399 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702. (510) 540-9243


Jug Shop

1590 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109. (800) 404-9548


Healthy Spirits 

Healthy selection of Scotch and Bourbons

2299 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114. (415) 255-0610



Wine Merchants.

3005 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94061. (650) 364-8544

And locations throughout San Francisco



201 Bayshore Blvd

San Francisco, CA 94124



Many Bevmo stores are located in California.



As in years past, we ask you to take a moment to send us your comments about this year’s show, as well as your suggestions for the future. Each year, we make an effort to tailor the event to meet as many of your requests as possible. Just send us an email at cs@whiskiesoftheworld.com.


And for those of you who want to relive your experience and cannot wait until WoW 2013, here are some links to photos from WoW 2012 to tide you over.


After a short rest, we’ll be diving right back in to begin work on the 14th Annual WoW Expo. We’ll be in touch to let you know next year’s date, location, and ticket information.


Have a wonderful spring, and again, thanks for making this year’s show so much fun for everyone involved!




Douglas Smith


Event Director

Whiskies of the World