Father's Day whisky gift recommendations

Father’s Day marks another whisky rendezvous. It takes great fortitude to be a good father, so this Father’s Day why not fortify your dad with a good bottle of whisky? Or the always-handy whisky glassware or perhaps some whisky memorabilia? Visit our online shop to purchase specialty nosing and tasting glasses; WoW-imprinted t-shirts, polos, and hats; as well as a copy of Jim Murray’s irreplaceable “Whisky Bible.”  By itself or in combination with a great whisky, these gifts will not leave Dad disappointed.

Featured whiskies
For lovers of the best Scottish single malts, we suggest Cragganmore from Classic Malts 2011 Distillers Edition: a 12-year-old Speyside malt finished in Ruby Port barrels. As a refresher: each year, Classic Malts (a consortium of distilleries from all over Scotland) puts out a very limited distillers edition Scotch, typically one from each distillery in the group. This year, each is finished in a different type of previously used wine barrel.
Cragganmore is a fascinating and surprisingly complex whisky; the smoke and Port elements combine to make a unique character that you don’t often see in malt whiskies. Whether dad is a discriminating connoisseur looking for austerity in his dram, or a humble appreciator who enjoys more sedate spirits, Cragganmore is a perfect fit.
For the non-traditional whisky drinkers, or the drinkers of non-traditional whiskies, Indian whisky Amrut will be a great encounter. Last year, we presented Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured (the name speaks for itself quite so), and this year, we’ll be adding the demiurgic Amrut Kadambam, meaning “mixture,” which is exactly what the maturation process for the whisky is. Initially aged in Oloroso butts, the spirit is then moved to ex-Bangalore Blue (better known as Isabella grape) brandy casks and lastly is transferred into ex-rum casks for a bit before bottling. The result of this unique combination is a quite fruity, full-bodied and mouth-coating whisky that retains that distinctive dry Amrut spiciness. This summer, indulge in this unique and exotic dram, and keeping your mind open, compare this “other” malt to your favorite Scotch. Enjoy!
Fans of all things homemade will definitely appreciate Prichard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon. No, it’s not a coffee mocha with a shot of whiskey and it’s not a gimmicky whiskey liquor, but a real, double-barrel-aged bourbon from Tennessee, enhanced (the recipe is proprietary, as you guessed) with cocoa beans from a Nashville boutique chocolatier. The result is a surprisingly delicious product with a very subtle chocolaty flavor that is derived from cocoa beans and not the finished chocolate confection (a hit at WoW SF this year). This is a drink best enjoyed neat, so the warming effect of your hands on the glass and some gentle swirling can stir up the aromas of Olive and Sinclair’s (the chocolatier) contribution to the party. Now I’m making myself hungry (and thirsty) just by typing this. Our compliments go to Phil Prichard for yet another wonderfully artisan product. He probably wouldn’t be so worried if he had to choose this as a gift for his dad.
Wrapping up the theme of Father’s Day, spirited gifts, and other pleasantries, we’d like to use this occasion to congratulate David Blackmore on his first Father’s Day. An outstanding brands ambassador, noser, whisky tutor, super knowledgeable speaker, and now a father, David brings us the enjoyment of the Glenmorangie experience year after year. Thank you, David, for your unparallel enthusiasm and dedication in sharing the history and traditions of fine Scotch, as well as generous pours of Scotch itself at the WoW tastings. We look forward to seeing more of you and new releases of Glenmoranie, always a hit at WoW!