Sampling Review

Nine months is a long time to wait for the WOW Expo 2013 and we don’t like to miss a chance to celebrate, nose, taste and compare expressions of the uísque beatha (Gaelic for the “water of life”). Our latest occasion was Memorial Day weekend when we sampled several expressions from Chieftan’s Range, the enviable collection of independent bottlings consisting of rare malts, some from closed or mothballed distilleries. Not certain how much the tasting experience helped us further our leadership skills (Chieftan is Celtic for “leader” or “king”), but we were beyond pleased with the content. We tried the wonderfully altering and coastal Caol Ila 17 YO; the complex and well-crafted Islander Port Ellen 25 YO; the so-very-different -from-the-official-bottling Longmorn 13; and other treats that made our expert exclaim: “World Cup moreish, one dram won’t be enough!” At the next Expo, stop by the Impex Beverages booth to make yo ur own favorites or to arrange your own tasting and tell us what you think!