Whiskies of the World

Whisky in French is…whisky. Interestingly, the nation so autonomous in its language, including the language of alcoholic beverages, created the terms for everything but whisky: cognac for brandy, champagne for bubbly wine, liqueurs for other spirits. What is it about this Scotch-style product that made them skip the semantics? Is it the way the French feel about this noble drink of Gaelic origin, or the confidence that they can produce a Scotch-style product?

Welcome Palm Bay Spirits, a family-owned distributor of a roster of international brands, who will bring for your sampling to WoW Austin and San Francisco, the unique FRENCH whisky: Bastille 1789, a luxury product handcrafted in the Cognac region. Jean-Marc Daucourt (yes, the Master Distiller is French, too!) studied distillation in the mecca of whisky regions, Scotland, and he’s combined this knowledge with a distinctly French twist to create his new masterpiece. He won’t reveal all of his secrets, but Bastille 1789 whisky is produced using Gensac spring water from Grande Champagne, and barley and wheat grown in the northwest of France (the same area that provides much of the whisky produced in Scotland with its raw materials). Experience the natural characteristics of French terroir, water and malt, and compare it to Scotch….or perhaps Irish whiskey. If not stylistically, then geographically, this product from the western border of France is closer to Irish whiskey than anything else.