Austin beyond Stereotypes: Our Next Whisky Capital

With just two mere months before the WoW Expo Austin on November 2, things are getting as hot as some whiskies on the tongue. The WoW team has just returned from its WoW promotional and whisky proselytizing tour with the conclusion: Mission Possible! Austin, the city labelled as the “world’s music capital” can easily become our new whisky destination. We were thrilled to see how receptive its residents were with the idea of our whisky festival. Everybody we met, from whisky bar managers, to liquor store owners, to their loyal patrons, to the whisky cultivated concierge in the hotel were excited to learn about the upcoming Expo and wanted to attend and bring their friends.

We’re also receiving a lot of interest from the exhibitors to showcase their most unique whiskies and to bring the most experienced, popular whisky spokespersons to the pioneer event. Check our website for a list of the original and innovative Masterclasses; you’ll be impressed to see so many topics and names that are brand new! The pour list already approaches 200 expressions, and we still have almost two months to go!
So, mark November 2 on your calendars as Whisky Exploration Day, and let us set you on a mission to check out the grand whisky celebration in a newly emerged whisky capital.

We promise a spirited night filled with specialty whiskies and special events before and after the show that will make you feel like the travel is well justified.