WoW Expo Austin: The Reviews

 Exhibitor Feedback:

Melissa Hawkins, Infinium spirits, presenting Templeton Rye
“I feel that the attendance and the people that attended were great. Having USBG members and key retail managers is always helpful when tasting a new product such as Templeton Rye. The event was very organized and the layout was nice. I’m likely to join next year for the simple fact that I felt that the event was successful and impactful to the suppliers as well as the guest that attended the event.”
Dave Scheurich , Master Distiller, Tennessee Spirits Company
“I want to say that it was a very well-run and successful event.  Doug, congratulation to you and your staff. I look forward to doing the event again next year.”
Tia Bledsoe, HRD Spirits
“The show was very successful; I was pleasantly surprised to talk to so many people that were aware of the Pendleton Whisky brand. We’re a fairly new brand in the market. The venue was completely fine.”

Bob Reider, Capital Brands
“The event was very well managed and a success for us. We were very pleased with the results of his (Dave Scheurich) seminar. We met with quite a few restaurant and bar owners as well as the owners of the Twins liquor chain which was BIG for us. The venue and their staff were very professional. We will be back next year!”
Alan Dietrich, Bendistillery
“The event was good, well attended. Noise level was manageable. Too often there is a band or other background entertainment that makes it hard to talk to the attendees. I definitely thought the show was a great first effort.

Attendee Reviews:
Shelly B
“I feel this was a great first WOW event in Austin. I had a great time, and felt well-treated by the staff, and representatives of the distilleries. I will gladly come back next year."
John M 
“The event was very fun. We learned a lot about whiskey. We were able to sample a wide variety and find out what we liked and disliked. The aromas of whiskey class with Chip Tate was  very informative, we really liked it. We live in California so we will see you at WoW San Francisco (and we are bringing friends)!”
Andrew T
“I'd give it the event 8.5 out of 10.  Great experience.”
Mark and Kristin G
It was a fun experience for both of us.  Just the two of us exploring the World of Whiskeys, I mean Whiskeys of the World - comparing notes about our preferences, visiting our local Twin Liquors a week later to pick up some of the highlights from the evening... Overall, a really great experience!” We attended the Dave Scheurich class on the history of whiskey with tastings from The Tennessee Spirits Company.  Dave did a great job!
R. Michael A
“It was useful to get a wide range of tastes and cement some thoughts for future drinking.”
Fawn S 
“Dr. Bill Lumsden:  Maturation in Depth (Glenmorangie). Awesome workshop!  I really enjoyed hearing what the thought process behind a certain scotch directly from the maker.  Dr. Lumsden was very knowledgeable, personable and funny.  When I return to Scotland, Glenmorangie will definitely be on the list for a tour. I enjoyed it very much.  I'm looking forward to attending in 2013.”
Paul M
“The event was nice, great venue, the buffet was awesome.
Matt l
“Much thanks for this event, I have been wishing that I could attend in California or DC for years. Food was excellent (quality and variety). Masterclasses were wonderful and well worth. I will attend again, no doubt.” 
Scott S 
“I did very much the Cigar and Whisky experience out on the smoking patio.  I thought that was a very interesting way to socialize and meet people. I liked the overall event very much.” 
Steven H
“Marvelous job with the variety and quality of selected whiskies. A very worthwhile event which balanced scotch whisky and other whisky tasting. I will attend again. Good work and much luck in the coming years.
Carl F 
“It was very an interesting event and had a good variety.”
Rosanna S
“First time experience; it was very nice. “
Dennis S
“We had a pretty good tasting experience.”
Johanna G
“I enjoyed the event and would attend again.”
Gretchen J
Folks were very nice. Food was terrific. Balcones Distillery Masterclass was very educational and engaging. The event was good! Will recommend.”

James B
“Check in was great. The venue was good.  Excellent food - great choices. Cigar and scotch matching Masterclass was enjoyable, and the setting was great. Great event.”
Donovan C
“Congrats on a successful event. Venue was great, the food was fantastic, virtually no wait. Classes I attended (Glenmorangie and High West) were great. Overall, I thought it was a fantastic event.  Well organized and run.
David J
“Enjoyed the event. Look forward to next year.”
Mary W
“Fun event, it was nice to have a mix of local, big name, and small batch producers. “

Everett T
“The event hit a home run. Having people like Dr. Lumsden from Glenmorangie and Tom Bulleit was spectacular.”

 Chris C
“The event was fun, really loved it. The food was good; the seminar with Chip Tate was fantastic. Will attend next year.”
Gary M 
“Great first year .... will attend next year”.
Dennis S
 “The event was good, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I learned some new things, and I will definitely attend next year.”
Allen L
“I really enjoyed the event. I look forward to attending the Whiskies of the World Austin Expo in 2013 and plan to bring more friends with me.”

Barbara S 
“The masterclass with Dr. Lumsden was really good and enhanced the whole experience very much.”