Featured WoW Christmas Whisky

As the heading suggests, we’ll be briefly presenting some of the WoW 2013 exhibitors and their liquid creations perfect to fill up and shake up your Christmas whisky bar.

WoW repeat attendees mentioned how much they remember enjoying (and enjoy remembering) sampling Ardbeg (the renown Glenmorangie’s brother/sister whisky) year after year. The truth is it’s never the same Ardbeg year after year; each time we sample different expressions from the “glen of tranquility”: ArdbegCorryvreckan, Alligator; the recent hits Rollercoaster, Uigeadail, and the now fresh-out-of-the-barrel Ardbeg Galileo. So, if you are an Ardbeg-head, or peaty-smoky is your style, consider adding Galileo, the specially release commemorating the company’s space experimental whisky, to your collection. And if it’s not something to throw you for a loop, wait to sample the whisky from space. (link)

What we all like about the Expo is its diversity; classic scotches, old school bourbons, and modern American distilled craft—all intermingled on the tasting floor. And what we like about the American craft is that is provides you unlimited options for your Christmas celebratory spirit(s), no matter which product you chose you’ll  find creativity, individuality, and taste. Presenting Angel’s Share Tennessee bourbon by Louisville Distilling Company and that is known to be among the first to experiment with finishing the product in port casks, and quite successfully so. The company offers two releases with different degree of encounter with a wine barrel, from 3 to 6 months, that also come with batch to batch variations. We sampled Angle’s Share standard bottling and were amazed with complexity, balance, and flavor. The company recently introduced 600 (only!) cask strength bottles that come in a beautiful packaging together with an invitation for a unique event to be held in January 2013 with Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, which makes it a great gift to a bourbon enthusiast. And if your rabid whiskey collector gets curious about the name of the bourbon, offer them a simple explanation: as a spirit ages in a barrel, a portion it evaporates (or seeps into the barrel) and is often referred to as the “angel’s share”. We look forward to asking Lincoln at the Expo about what actually stays in the barrel and goes into the bottle.