Independent and Merry

Scotch appreciators love independent bottlers, variety that they deliver, rare expressions and exciting alternative flavor profiles from the parent distillery they provide. Our highest accolades go to Gordon & MacPhail, one of the biggest and well-respected independent Scotch whisky producers, for its selection so insightful and its releases so utterly vast, with perhaps more than 100 bottlings on the market. Keeping up with all G&M releases would be merely impossible, so for this holiday celebration we picked a single bottling, Mortlach 21, which we felt is a great find for the occasion: smoky and fruity with a hint of sherry, honey, Christmas spices. If you’ve tried some other Mortlach’s at the past Expos, you know how this Speyside whisky stands out, especially as single malt and not the component of Johnnie Walker blend, whereby some savvy business decision it typically goes to. An excellent example of how independent approach to whisky making can bring value to the line…and more merriment to our Christmas table.  And, of course, the Expo will give you a chance to get your hands on other wonderful renditions of whiskies drawn from the casks of the major-name distilleries alongside with the quiet ones… an exquisite whisky tour!

We do love to talk whisky—we’re sending our regards to our native fellowman, Californian DavorinKuchan of Old World Spirits distillery. When Davorin, a Croatian-born third generation winemaker and master distiller, was showcasing his proprietary and certified organic gins, liqueurs and one of the US first absinthes; there were talks about next time bringing the 100% white organic rye whiskey. Now, California has The Goldrun, the first real home-made option since Old Potrero. The Goldrun is about one year old, but already has a complexity and depth of flavor that put it much further beyond many of its upstart peers. Spicy, peppery, and full of bready yeast, there's perhaps not another whiskey out there that tastes more like actual rye bread.  Congratulations on the job, Davorin; we look forward to seeing you at the Expo and sampling your “good stuff that needs no special effects”.