WOW Expo Texas Seminars 2014

Austin Masterclasses:

1. Chip Tate (Balcones Distillery): From grain to glass.

Chip delivers an opportunity to understand the flavors and aromas created by individual grains. Guiding us on a journey from the field to the still, through the barrel to the glass, from the glass to the olfactory and palate and ultimate enjoyment.

2. David Perkins (High West Distillery): Whiskey: an organoleptic journey

Join David Perkins, Proprietor of High West Distillery, for an experiential seminar of multiple whiskey distillates to better understand TTB whiskey regulations, whiskey styles, cut points, yeast, mistakes, and one of our weaknesses: whiskey and chocolate.

3. The Glenlivet

4. Diageo

5. Whisky and Cigar Pairing by Bolivar Cigar Lounge