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As this is my first ever post on this blog, I thought it would be fitting to bring you back to my first ever Whisky Event. BTW, I am not usually a huge talker, so most posts should not be this long… but I cannot promise anything.

As a real quick overview, I have been enjoying whisky for just about 3 years. My first dram came back in 2013 at a Rush Concert in Nashville. What a great way to start, right? Ever since, I’ve jumped in head first. I have taken every opportunity to learn more about whisky. I started the Scotch Trooper Twitter Account, almost as a joke, to talk to others about whisky, to compare notes and to see what other knowledge I could gather. I cannot tell you how awesome that has been. I have met so many people there and have since branched out and created a Scotch Trooper Instagram Account to do a bit more of the same, but centered more around my love for photography. So, when I heard about the Whiskies of the World Event here in Atlanta , where many of the people I have met through social media were going to be attending, I just had to be there.

This being my first ever Whisky Event of any kind, I was a tad bit excited. That, mixed with the fact that I hate being late, we were sure to be early enough to enjoy the VIP Tasting, which was the first hour of the event. Talk about sensory overload. First event, tons of people to meet, huge selection of whisky to sample, and a handful of special releases that would only be available during that first hour. Added to that confusion, I started my first Periscope live stream. So as I was going around tasting whisky and enjoying pour after pour, I had 30+ of my closest Twitter friends watching and commenting along.

As we settled into the night and had a better handle on what was in store, it was about time to go around the room and meet all my friends and supporters from Social Media, but still never forgetting about the whisky. We had the pleasure of meeting up with Jonathan Wingo from Balvenie, Simon Brooking from Laphroaig, Joe Gratkowski and Alastair Menzies from Diageo who all were even more pleasant in person than any of my exchanges with them online. I had worn my own Scotch Trooper Shirt under my sport coat in order to cut down on the “Hi, I am Scotch Trooper from Twitter or Instagram” conversations and it worked like a charm. The funny part was the random people that came up to me saying they loved my photos and lamps and were big fans. It was so very surreal. All of it.

As the night went on, we attended a Glenmorangie and Ardbeg Master Class/Tasting, enjoyed some dinner and met up with another good friend, Blogger, Scotch and Archer fan, Angela Hansberger. All while continuing to roam around tasting whisky, new and old favorites.

For a first whisky event, I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant evening. I really hope to make it back this year.