Brenne (pronounced “Brehn”) is a single malt whisky made in France and finished in Cognac barrels! It is made in the heart of Cognac France, using the same equipment and techniques used in making Cognac. It is initially aged in French Limousin casks and then finished in cognac casks. This produces a fruity, floral spirit that is very approachable. Brenne isn’t whisky being made like Scotch, it is its own category: a French Single Malt! The initial release is called Estate Cask and is bottled from single casks (though not cask strength) and numbered on the label. These are no age statement whiskies but are about 7 years old. Brenne recently released Brenne 10 and now has an age statement whisky in addition to the Estate Cask release. Brenne describes itself as being made from an expert French Craft distiller who is a third generation distiller, making this fine whisky from seed to spirit.