George Dickel Tennessee Whisky is made in Cascade Hollow Tennessee and uses the Lincoln Process of charcoal mellowing as most Tennessee Whiskeys do. You will notice that this whisky is not spelled with an “e”. George Dickel felt that his whisky was as high quality and good as any Scotch whisky and chose to spell his whisky in the Scottish style, without the “e”. Tennessee whiskies are made like Bourbons, with at least 51% corn and aged in new charred oak barrels. They do not like to be called Bourbons, though, and become Tennessee Whisky once they are filtered through the maple wood charcoal for extra mellowing. George Dickel distillery takes an extra step and also chills their whisky before filtering. George Dickel used to make his whisky in the winter as he felt this made for mellower whisky and the distillery follows this tradition by chilling the whisky before filtering. The most popular expression is No. 8 brand, but an unaged Corn Whisky, No.1, is available, as is No. 12 brand and Barrel Select, the best of the best. George Dickel also makes a Rye, and this is the only expression made at MGP, though they do ship their charcoal up to Indiana for the filtering.