The Single Malt that started it all! People in Scotland were making whisky long before it was legally permitted. In 1824, it became legal and George Smith, the founder of the Glenlivet, applied for a permit to change his illicit distillery to a legal one. Other distillers were mad that he did this as they hoped that if no one would apply for permits, it would not become something that had to be done. George Smith famously carried around two pistols to protect himself and his people from the angry distillers. Today The Glenlivet, named for the river in Speyside near where it is located, is the best selling Single Malt in the US and the second best selling in the world! The Glenlivet 12 is the standard against which many measure Scotch whisky. It is the one Scotch that you will find in almost every bar and if someone has tried Scotch, most often this is the Scotch they have tried. It has the classic Speyside flavors of honey, heather, and vanilla; it is a complex, fruity malt. Additionally in the Classic range you have the 15, the 18, and the Founders’ reserve. The Nadurra collection emphasizes the whisky making tradition of the 19th century and is non chill filtered, often focusing on the wood flavors from the casks.