Lagavulin is a classic Islay Malt. Renown for its intense smoky, peated flavor, the 16 year old is the standard release, considered the peak of its perfection by many. The distillery turned 200 years old in 2016 and to mark this milestone they first released an 8 year old, then a 25 year old limited edition bottling.The 8 year old paid homage to Alfred Barnard, a whisky writer who visited the distillery in 1886. He recorded having tasted and enjoyed an 8 year old and so as part of the anniversary celebrations, they released an 8 year old version. Most years there is a limited edition release of the 12 year old at cask strength. Because they reserve most of the whisky for the 16 year old, they don’t give much out at the younger ages. There is usually a distillers edition of the 16 year old as well. This distillery is one of the most famous and beloved of all Scotch distilleries. Made very famous by Nick Offerman, he now stars in their commercials and blends his fictional character, Ron Swanson, with his real self, both great lovers of this fine dram.