Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. For some this special week-end signals the end of the school year, while others it’s the kick-off to summer fun filled with barbecues, sports or traveling. For us, we love a great barbecue, as food cooked over an open flame pairs so well with whisky!

Hamburgers — Whether you like your burgers plain or gourmet style, there’s nothing like smoke and brown roast flavors infused into prime beef. For plain burgers, we recommend a bourbon whiskey (Devil’s River Bourbon Whiskey) as the corn mash bill brings out the flavors of the sweet char, while gourmet style infuses the beef with external flavors, a blended whisky (J.H. Cutter Whisky) is a great choice.

Hot dogs and Sausages – The typical US family may be grilling up Oscar Mayer® on any given Sunday afternoon, while Saturday nights might have Angus beef franks or sausage and peppers. Either way, American whiskey with its peppery rye (Sagamore Spirit Straight Rye Whiskey) and savory notes are a great choice any day of the week.

Seafood – Shrimp to wild salmon grilled on the barby is always a good idea. Use your favorite seafood and infuse it with char smoke to bring out unique flavors found in seafood. From scaled to shelled delicacies, we suggest a fruity or floral note whisky (Hibiki 17 YO Whisky) to enhance the tender flavors from the sea!

Veggies— For the vegetarians, or those who just love their veggies, grilling is a perfect way to summarize your favorite veggies and fruits! Char-grill brings out a sweet, caramelized flavor we love pairing with single malt whisky (Glenmorangie Allta) or a nice smoky whisky (Highland Park Valkyre).

Barbeque Sauce – Who can forget the sauce when we’re talking BBQ? Jack Daniel’s is known for their pre-made sauciness for grilled foods. They’ve a full site dedicated to the grilling master with abundant recipes. If you’re wanting to make your own blend, we recommend staring with Old No. 7 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey for its balance of sweet and oak flavors.