Isn’t it great that something we actually love has a national day to celebrate it? Today is one of our favorites, Bourbon Day; a day that epitomizes the American ideal of whiskey. There are a few claims as how bourbon came about, but ultimately, no one knows for sure. What is known, is Bourbon has been distilled since the U.S. since the 18th century; it may, or may not, have started with ex-pat Scots; possibly may have started with Baptist minister Elijah Craig or [Uncle] Nathan “Nearest” Green; or this liquid spirit may have been around and not named until Old Bourbon County, Virginia separated into what’s now Bourbon County, Kentucky.

However Bourbon came about, we’re just happy to whomever created it. As you may know, in order to be bourbon, it needs to be made in the USA; contain 51% & no more than 79% corn; aged in new, charred oak containers; distilled to no more than 160 U.S. proof, entered into the container for aging at no more than 125 proof, and bottled at 80 proof. While there are subcategories such as Bottled In Bond, labeled as Straight or blended, Corn Whiskey, etc., let’s stick with the main idea: Bourbon.

Truests’ believe only Kentucky can make bourbon; we respect your opinion, but as long as it’s made in the US and to the aforementioned information, the brown spirit can be called bourbon. Now, let’s get on with some of our favorites!

There’s a reason why Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company was named “Craft Producer of the Year” and “Global Craft Producer of the Year” by Whisky Magazine and has been highly rated by enthusiasts for years. If you visit their website, they have a countdown timer as to when the their first limited release bourbon in 102 years will be (FYI- June 22nd, 10 am). For the bourbon connoisseur, we recommend Peerless SERIES 1, a seven-bottle collection of premium Kentucky Bourbon from new make to 5 years.  

If you need a bit more punch to your classic bourbon, Bower Hill Barrel Strength has a one-two jab; sweet vanilla, followed by a powerful spicy wallop.
A bit of background for you: Created to commemorate the “Battle of Bower Hill”, which was fought by farmers for the single cause of rebelling against the Excise Whiskey Tax of 1791. While Bower Hill does not create their spirit, they do distill, rick, and age their spirit in Louisville, KY; In 2018 they produced 16 barrels of award winning Barrel Proof Bourbon, and state they’re releasing 25-30 Barrels for 2019.

One more! If you were lucky enough to attend #wowdal last Friday, you would have met distillers and owners (and history buffs) of this intriguing and delightful bourbon whiskey. New (2016) to the bourbon train is Grapevine, TX based and family owned, Tahwahkaro (Tah-Wah-Karo), a four grain bourbon whiskey made from 65% corn,11% [each] of wheat and rye, and the forth grain, 13% malt. For those in Texas, this is a year round sippin’ whiskey; flavorful, smooth and underscored with malt from start to finish; packed with sweet roasted corn and vanilla with a hint of smoke, it finishes with a lingering smooth pepper and malted caramel. We’re truly sorry if your not in Texas, but this newcomer is definitely worth mentioning!