Today we celebrate America’s Independence Day! 243 years ago, the Continental Congress declared the thirteen American colonies were no longer tied to the monarch of Britain. Each year we celebrate another year of Independence because of the courageous people over the centuries who strive to keep our countries freedoms intact.

The freedom we experience during our lifetime exists because of those who work tirelessly to keep our freedom, which is not free. We raise a dram to those in our military, fighting beside our allies to maintain peace in their countries; to police officers around the US whose unselfish career choice save us from harm or maintains peace in our cities while placing themselves at risk; Firemen and medical personnel who care for us when we’re hurt or in need of assistance; Teachers who take the responsibility of educating the American people, and the many, many others who work in our government, humanitarian, social services, charities…

Today, raise your favorite dram with us in salute to the billions of people who made today in America possible!