Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens has worked in some form of the alcohol industry since 2006. At the age of 21, he began to manage a small restaurant and bar in Tyler, Texas, and continued working in, and often managing, restaurants and bars for the next nine years. Early in his career he gravitated towards American whiskey, soon losing the desire to mix it with anything other than ice or with some water added. It was during his time as the bar manager for Cover 3 in Austin,Texas, that he truly began to appreciate better and more diverse bourbons and ryes, as well as being introduced to Scotch. His general manager was passionate about bourbon and with him, he started seeking out better and better whiskeys for the bar. During this time, as they continually sought to bring in harder to find bottles, they became aware that one of their regulars had nominated them to be officially designated as a Bourbon Bar in Austin.
After moving to California, he was fortunate to land a job with K&L Wine Merchants. Under the guidance of the spirits buyers there, K&L had begun flourishing as a shop known for their single barrel store picks in everything from Scotch, to Bourbon, to Rye and even Armagnac and Rum. After about six months with the company he was transferred into the spirits department and began to truly taste in earnest so he could write reviews for the many exclusive offerings. Here his enjoyment of single malt from Scotland turned into a passion. He was offered the opportunity to go to Scotland on a buying trip for K&L. Now back in Austin, he is fortunate to work for Twin Liquors seeking to help utilize the skills and connections he has gained into curating a robust and interesting spirits department. Although his love of Scotch tends to reign supreme, he also enjoys all other whiskies. From French, to Irish, to Japanese, to New Zealand, to here in the United States, and in Texas especially, he is fascinated with all manner of whiskies, both what is in the bottle and the stories from those who make it.