Whiskies of the World Austin 2019

Masterclasses are 45 minutes each. Once the classes are announced and ready for registration, approximately 30 days before the event, you will be sent an email with the link for registering. There is a non-refundable $5 fee to reserve your seat. You must arrive five minutes early to claim your reserved seat. Seats not claimed will be given to standby. No refunds for late arrival.

Please bring PDF tickets to speed up masterclass check-in.

(This schedule is subject to change.)

Tomatin: The Softer Side of the Highlands

6:00-6:45pm Classroom A

Scott Fraser
Global Brand Ambassador, Tomatin

Come along with Scott as he takes you on a journey of the history of Tomatin distillery and, more importantly, how that history has influenced the style of spirit that Tomatin produces today. The whiskies that he is pouring will showcase how Tomatin has become one of the most versatile single malts on the market allowing them to offer something for everyone. You will enjoy samples of Tomatin 12, 14, 18 and, only available in the class, Tomatin 30!

The Story Of Whisky

7:05-7:50pm Classroom A

Robin Robinson
Independent Consultant

In this hybrid one-man show and whisky tasting, whisky educator and consultant Robin Robinson takes us through the entire story of whisky in one rapid fire, crazy narrative that brings in the history of distillation, invading armies, monks and alchemists, farmers and taxmen, Scottish lords and Appalachian hillbillies. From grains to glasses, Ireland to Canada to Japan and India, whisky is more than the sum of its parts and Robinson dares you to come along for the ride of your life. Some of the whiskies you might enjoy in this class include expressions from Aberlour, Knappogue, Amrut, and more.

45 minutes of bad stand up comedy punctuated with drinking!

Heather Greene Presents Milam & Greene Whiskey
8:10-8:55pm Classroom A

Heather Greene
CEO Provision Spirits

Spirits Sommelier

Come celebrate the release of Milam & Greene, the new buzzed-about Texan whiskey range where each bottle represents more than a half-century of whiskey-making experience.  Guests will be amongst the first in America to taste this range of whiskey, created by some of the biggest heavy-hitters in American whiskey. Heather Greene, CEO and world-renowned whiskey author, will take guests through a deep olfactory and nosing experience so that they can better understand the science and art that goes into creating a stellar bottle. Heather Greene’s book, Whiskey Distilled, is one of the most straightforward and clearly explained guides for whisky and whiskey lovers. She brings that clarity to the class and helps guide you in understanding whiskey appreciation. After this class, students will go away with a deeper understanding of how to evaluate and appreciate whiskey using the language and skills experts use to judge and write about the spirit.



Jura: Masters of the Dual Distillation

6:00-6:45pm Classroom B

Cristian Olave
Jura Ambassador, Southern US

Jura is a small Scottish Island just north of Islay. The one hotel and one pub exist because in 1963 one distillery was rebuilt! Jura makes two distinct spirits and through careful use of casks, tasting, and timing, they can create a unique whisky that reflects the Diurachs who call Jura home. Cristian tells stories, and will entertain you with history and humor as you sample some of the Jura Whiskies that now make up the core range, the result of the two distinct spirits created into one unique whisky. These include Jura 10, Seven Wood and 18, and a surprise exclusive just for the class. Join Jura’s Single Malt Specialist to learn how a tiny island off the West coast of Scotland creates the perfect balance of sweet and smoky single malt by making two completely separate styles of spirit. A true masterclass in Island distillation.

It’s Flavor That Matters: Blind Tasting without Bias

7:05-7:50pm Classroom B

Kyle McHugh
Samson & Surrey Director of Brand Advocacy & US Bartenders’ Guild National President

So many things affect our choices when it comes to which whisky to enjoy – marketing, reviews, package style, word-of-mouth, etc. In the end, the true arbiter of that choice should be the flavor of the liquid in the bottle, and the effect it has on your individual palate. Tonight, we will strip away all the pretense and blind taste six different whiskies from around the world. At the end, we’ll reveal each liquid and its unique story to discover which was truly your favorite – sans preconception!

Introduction to Japanese Whisky

8:10-8:55pm Classroom B

Gary Clark
Author of The Japanese Whisky Handbook

The current popularity of Japanese Whiskies may not have been able to be predicted in 1920 when Masataka Taketsuru arrived home in Japan after learning how to make whisky in Scotland. Whisky is not just a product made from grain, yeast, and water, but is also connected to the people and culture from which it is born. Could the tastes of Scotland ever be the same in Japan? In this class you will have a brief introduction to what makes Japanese whisky different from other world whiskies, and what flavors are distinctive to this delicious and popular spirit. The line up for this class is still being finalized, but may include Kaiyo Mizunara Oak, Tottori, Matsui Peated, Kurayoshi Sherry Cask, Fukano Single Barrel, and Ohishi Tokubetsu. Gary Clark, author of The Japanese Whisky Handbook, shares his love and passion for these delicate spirits with you, opening you up to a whole new world of whisky.

Medicinal Mixology

Location: Classroom C (Back of main room on the right)
Time 6:00, 7:05, or 8:10pm

Kat Valentina
Creator of Elemental Spirits

Kat has created a unique class celebrating the history and medicinal value of the connection between plant medicine and spirits. Utilizing your senses, food and plant tastings rooted in the Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 element theory will be incorporated. You will learn the elemental connections to your organs, the flavor of each element, and the emotional attributes while creating pairings with your customized cocktail. Cocktail tastings will be provided with medicinal seasonings available for you to explore and customize your base medicinal cocktail. Plants, bitters, tinctures, hydrosols, and spirits will be sniffed, tasted, analyzed by YOU and cocktail diagnostics will be offered by Kat. This class challenges the imbiber to view the landscape of spirits and mixology with a fresh set of glasses, adding a new ancient approach of plant medicine to the magick of cocktails. Learn. Play. Imbibe. Heal.

8:15pm Cigar and Whisky Pairing (Cigar Patio)

Honor Cigars

Join Troy Lawrence, owner of Honor Cigars and a professional Hand Cigar roller, for a one of a kind experience. We will pair a bourbon from Devil’s River and a malt from Westward with your cigars and give you some insight for choosing cigars to pair with your whiskies. Cigars offer a social experience. The draw, smoke, and aroma that fills the air; It all brings people together! It’s the feeling of trust, a bond created by the cigars, and shared between strangers who immediately become family. Whisky can do this as well. They are a match made for each other.

Cigars will be available for purchase during the event. Included in your ticket price is one cut and smoke, which is designed for you to enjoy on the cigar patio during the event.