Benjamin Robinette

From practicing the calming polyphony of Zimbabwean mbira music to playing Irish dance tunes on the button accordion, Ben Robinette is no stranger to traveling the world without leaving the room that he’s in. It didn’t take long before his ethos of musical “world citizenship” started to influence and inspire his drinking choices. It has now become one of Ben’s personal missions to celebrate and share the national, regional, and local pride that communities across the globe take in their traditions of beverage craftsmanship. Ben continues to practically develop his liquid understanding by making his own bitters, tinctures, liqueurs, and apéritif wines at home. His additional studies in rhetoric and the Medieval craft of memory reinforce his engagement with beverage culture as both a constantly researching consumer and an extroverted educator. Using memorization techniques such as “elaborative encoding” has helped him try to keep straight everything that he’s tasted, but it has also helped him impart special meaning to each one of those expressions. He seeks to convey those unique meanings to friends, clients, and guests at his workplace with simple gestures like sharing a cocktail recipe, or more involved explorations like guided tasting events. Ben is now privileged to work the shop floor at the Hancock Center location of Twin Liquors, where he is thrilled to develop its selection of compelling and memorable spirits. He especially enjoys working with the shop’s guests to encourage sensual enthusiasm and a passion for discovery. Although he harbors a deep-seated love for all the world’s whiskies, he confesses that you’ll most likely find him hovering around the shelves dedicated to fortified wines and amari. After all, vermouth and whisky together are truly one of the world’s greatest romances!