Gary Clark

Author The Japanese Whisky Handbook

Gary Clark was born in Scotland, but raised in Texas. After a brief stint as a private investigator, Gary entered the world of wines and spirits in 1987 at Mr. Dunderbak’s, and later Matthias’ Restaurant, in Houston. After 6 years of 2AM closings and rowdy customers, he transitioned to the wholesale tier of the business in 1993. A particularly embarrassing presentation and an admonition of his supervisor (who told him he needed to be able to read a bottle’s front and back label and give a presentation), he began seriously learning about his chosen profession. Since then he became known as “the professor” while selling spirits at Glazer’s wholesale, before moving to a wine supervisor position. In 2005 he went to work for a small wholesaler and after a brief period became their wine buyer. In 2010 Gary started his own company, Clark Liquor Brokerage, LLC. In this capacity he represents numerous small producers and importers. One of these companies had Japanese Whisky to sell but had no information about their own brands. Gary researched their brands and went on to research many others and in 2017 published the “Japanese Whisky Handbook”. While researching the book, he took and passed both the Sake Level 1 and Sake Level 3 classes of the WSET. He passed the WSET Spirits Level 1 in 2018 and Spirits Level 3 in 2019. In January 2019 Gary began teaching a monthly consumer spirits class at the Texas Wine School in Houston.