Jenna Elie

Whisky a Go Girl
Whisky Consultant

Jenna Elie is a whisky enthusiast who turned her passion into a popular whisky blog and Instagram page, which in turn led to her becoming a whisky consultant. In 2016 she launched her blog, Whisky A Go Girl, not only to learn, but also to shed a welcoming light on what she found to be a rather intimidating industry, offering her honest thoughts and opinions on the whiskies she was exploring. She did so while encouraging others to branch outside of their comfort zones to try new things, and to encourage more women to be loud about their love and knowledge of whisky. In the years since, she has worked alongside The Scotch Malt Whisky Society as a brand educator, traveled around the globe to different distilleries, and worked in partnership with numerous brands to highlight their stories and products. She has been written up in Forbes, spoken on many podcasts, and currently hosts tastings both privately and for companies and corporations around the country. You can usually find her, dram in hand, in her hometown of Los Angeles, California, reading and researching about the glorious world of whisky!