Adrian Montanez

Adrian Montañez, born in Mexico City, came to the United States at an early age with the hopes to live the American dream. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 3 years, he found a great passion for education and teaching. Working as a private tennis coach in the country clubs around town, he was introduced to many great wines which sparked his interest in the industry. Wanting to impress his father-in-law, he bought an 800+ wine collection and finally understood the marvel of wine with a bottle of 1980 Chateau Beaucastel Chateaueuf-du-Pape. This began the road that inevitably led him to Twin Liquors. Working for Twin liquors gave him the privilege to teach their wine classes and take their customers through not only an educational experience, but also a sensory/olfactory journey. His passion to be the best in the industry led him to learn more about the hottest commodity: Whiskey. He became a true convert when he visited Buffalo Trace distillery, where Drew Mayville, Master Blender, took him under his wing and showed him why the Bourbon from Buffalo Trace has become the standard in Bourbon all over the world. Adrian took this passion and paired up with Catherine Sikora from the Austin Scotch Lovers and began the monthly class series called “The Third Thursday Whiskey Mashup”.

He enjoys his time with his wife, newborn daughter, and his dachshund, Chico. Drinking some fine wine, enjoying a rare bourbon, reading a book, camping, spinning records on his turntable, or drumming Sundays at his church are just a few of his hobbies when he is not immersed in events related to whisky and wine.

It is his true honor to be part of the judging panel, to take his years of education and to use his unbiased expertise to continue on his ever changing whisky journey.