Bart Bartlett

Whisky Guru at Beverage World

I work at Travis Heights Beverage World, after years of being a
commercial artist and signpainter. Call me “a man of letters,” lol!

Though my card says “Whisky Guru,” I’ve long considered myself more an
‘enthusiast’ than an expert because there is always more to learn. I was
active on the scotch-whisky newsgroup when that was a thing, and Malts-L
too. I’ve had a long and abiding interest in whiskies since about 1990 –
first Irish Whiskey and then Scotch Whisky – later moving on to American
whiskies and world whisk(e)y. It may no longer be the case that every
week presents a new single-malt “never before available on U.S.
shelves,” but the rise of craft distilling with its innovative and
experimental nature means there’s always something new and interestingly
different to taste; while established brands continue to perfect their
offerings. An industry based on time and maturation means change comes
slowly, but if you keep tasting long enough you can begin to see some of
the big picture as well; and that’s part of the fun, too!