Jesse Garza

Whisky Consultant
Whisky Writes Social Media Consulting 

Jesse Garza has held many roles in the whisky world over the past fifteen years. These include managing bars in Florida and Montreal, Quebec, consulting for both whiskey and bar programs, and running Whiskey Writes on social media. His passion for all things brown water grew out of a love for the history, worldwide diversity, and incredible way that whisky unites people around the globe. He feels it is much the same as what soccer does, without all of the hooliganism, though, occasionally, some of the tomfoolery!

Jesse relocated to San Francisco in 2016 and has been enjoying the vibrant bar and whisky scene the whole Bay Area has to offer. Being able to offer digital marketing services to bars, restaurants, and distilleries to help boost their online presence has been very rewarding for him. Whisky snobbery has no place in his love of the liquid and he’s always on the hunt for who, or what release, will be the next rising star!