John McEntire

Spirits Specialist
Whisky Connoisseur

John McEntire discovered his passion for whisky and its brethren around the time he learned how to read, professionally at least. He came by his love of spirits honestly — on an ill-advised rooftop with a well-advised flask and fistful of Walker Percy essays. As it turns out, whiskey and words go hand in hand and lead him through a career in writing, magazine editorial, film (sadly, any film he tried to make about whiskey turned out blurry), and wine and spirit sales. John received the Certified Specialist of Spirits from the Society of Wine Educators and Level 2 Wine and Spirits Education Trust, and is currently pursuing his Certified Sommelier pin. When he is not hosting wine or whiskey educational tastings, John is the Director of Communications for Arva Intelligence, a machine learning platform for agriculture protecting the grains that make our favorite juice.