Michael Parker

Opal Divine’s

I was first introduced to Single Malt whisky in 1980 on my 21st birthday when my girlfriend gave me a bottle of whisky. She heard I liked “Scotch” (I was drinking Dewar’s at the time) and asked the counterman for a bottle of his best. He gave her a bottle of Laphroaig. Good intentions? road to hell? not sure what his intentions were but, BOOM! I loved the big peaty malt and my explorations of whisky began.

I spent almost 10 years at an English pub and started a “Malt of the Moment” program there. My wife Susan and I eventually opened Opal Divine’s Freehouse with the intention of creating a single malt “vault” patterned somewhat after Pints Pub in Denver where Susan discovered she loved Islay whiskies there while drinking with Michael Jackson, but that’s another story!

Throughout the years I’ve enjoyed meeting folks throughout the industry. I am honored by the people whisky has brought me in contact with. I look forward to the drams shared ahead.