Mike Groener

Genius Liquids
Host of Show de Vie with Mike G podcast

Austin’s Mike Groener is a spirits writer, panelist, and has been dubbed the “Walter White of Gin”. He created Genius Liquids in 2012 which launched one of the first Texas Gins: Genius Gin (featured in Texas Monthly) and the craft cocktail influenced, Old Highborn Gin in 2015. His deep passion for spirits and education led to studies in Mexico to further research the production of desert spirits. And in 2015, Groener crafted the first Sotol ever produced outside of Mexico. The Texan love letter and homage to the tradition and dedication of producers in Mexico resulted in 2 batches that sold out immediately. This passion for capturing culture and fostering learning transformed into the now industry lauded podcast Show de Vie. With over 250 episodes aired, the world can now peak into the psychology, humor, and production nuances of the world’s best bartenders, mezcaleros, and brand personalities.