Tom Koerner

Spirit Guide at Seven Grand Whiskey Bar
and Las Perlas Mezcaleria

Tom Koerner, a 10-year veteran of the hospitality and spirits industry starting with his first shift “behind the stick” in Beijing, China during the 2008 Summer Olympics. An appreciation for all things distilled started early and only grew with age: His lineage has deep roots in the Bluegrass State, so distillery tours in Kentucky were and continue to be a staple of road-trips through the state. While going on to earn both a LLM from Peking University in Beijing and a MSc with Distinction from the London School of Economics, Tom continued to pursue an education behind the bar by fostering loyal communities of regulars in both Beijing and London, as well as in his hometown of Austin, Texas.
Cocktail competitions and spirit conferences have taken him across the pond to Scotland and Ireland, as well south of the border to Oaxaca. Today, Tom is the Brand Ambassador for Mezcal Unión and performs a dual role for the 213 Hospitality Group as staff trainer for Seven Grand Whiskey Bar and Las Perlas Mezcaleria in Austin, as well as Spirit Guide for their respective Whiskey Society and Mezcal Collective.