Kat Valentina

Kat Valentina is a San Francisco bay to LA lady, having spanned her life from gardens to bars, melding the two along the way. Currently in the northern California bay area, she is cultivating her seed to bottle bitters line, Elemental Spirits. Her background in LA mixology, Planetary herbology, and northern California gardening lends for a different kind of bar talk. Teaching classes and throwing events as a one-woman traveling circus… well there’s a story there too!

In her own words:
“Fresh from the farm” ingredients have always been a part of my life. Raised in northern California, from a young age the garden was my playground. Following the lead of my mother and sister “The Chefs”, I was taught to use what is natural and seasonally available to create fresh, authentic meals. And it is the only way I know how to build cocktails. With a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I soon immersed myself into the world of Planetary Herbology, which encompasses Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbs. Working closely with the craft spirits movement, I yearn to bring together the energetic and beneficial healing elements of my herb studies with the dedicated group of distillers who honor quality ingredients. This is the basis of my belief in medicinal mixology as an important movement into a new perspective of the cocktail culture. Along with teaching classes in Medicinal Mixology and Bitters Maceration, I mother a line of bitters, Elemental Spirits, created in a medicinal format to be used as cocktail seasoning or alone as a healing tonic. An ongoing contributor for Distiller magazine, I also recently launched a monthly Medicinal Mixology column for Chilled online magazine. A few projects are currently percolating in my realm and I am looking forward to sharing with the world as soon as the chapters have been written!”