San Francisco Masterclasses 2019

Masterclasses are 45 minutes each. One class is included with each ticket. Once the Classes are announced for 2019, you will be sent an email with a link to register for your class. This line up is subject to change.

You must arrive five minutes before class to claim your reserved seat. Seats not claimed will be given to standby.

Please bring PDF tickets to speed up masterclass check-in.

A World of Whiskies from ImpEx Beverages
6:00pm Dining Deck

Hans Rubens, Marketing Manager Het Anker Brewery and Distillery
Chris Uhde, Vice President ImpEx Beverages

ImpEx Beverages brings the World of Whisky to the US and wants to introduce you to some amazing single malts and whiskies you may have not had a chance to try yet. Hans Rubens from the Belgian Brewery and Distillery, Het Anker, will introduce you to his Belgian Single Malt, Golden Carolus. Chris Uhde will then take you to many other exciting whisky countries including Kilchoman 100% Islay Single Malt from Scotland, Penderyn Sherrywood from Wales, and Kurayoshi 18 from Japan. You will have the rare opportunity to taste single malts and whiskies side by side from all over the world and get the chance to be on the vanguard of this international extravaganza!


All Colors of India with Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky
7:05pm Dining Deck

Koray Kaan Ozdemir West Coast Regional Manager Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky

Award-winning Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky will take you to a colorful journey in India on Holi, India’s Festival of Colors. The spirit of Holi is the triumph of good over evil, and the banishing of evil spirits. The colors people splash on each other at the festival is a celebration of the joy of the good spirit triumphing! Paul John exemplifies a good spirit triumphing and wants to share their good spirit with you! Koray  will lead you through the five core range whiskies of Paul John plus a special pour just for this masterclass. (No color splashing, just the splash of good whisky in your glass!) We will enjoy Paul John Brilliance, Paul John Edited, Paul John Bold, Paul John Classic Select Cask, Paul John Peated Select Cask, and just for the masterclass, Kanya by Paul John!

It’s Flavor That Matters: Blind Tasting without Bias
8:10pm Dining Deck

Kyle McHugh
Samson & Surrey Director of Brand Advocacy & US Bartenders’ Guild National President

So many things affect our choices when it comes to which whisky to enjoy – marketing, reviews, package style, word-of-mouth, etc. In the end, the true arbiter of that choice should be the flavor of the liquid in the bottle, and the effect it has on your individual palate. Tonight, we will strip away all the pretense and blind taste six different whiskies from around the world. At the end, we’ll reveal each liquid and its unique story to discover which was truly your favorite – sans preconception!

Lambay Irish Whiskey and Glencadam Scotch Whisky
6:00 Top Deck

Sabine Sheehan
Global Brand Ambassador Lambay Irish Whiskey
Iain Forteath
Global Brand Ambassador Glencadam Single Malt Scotch

Lambay Island is off the coast of Dublin and home to Lambay Whiskey. Sabine Sheehan will introduce you to this delightful Cognac finished whiskey, both the blend and the single malt. She will tell you the history of the Baring family and how they connected with Maison Camus for their barrels.

Glencadam whisky has a long and storied history. Though one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, it has had it share of owners, and closings and openings, all throughout its history. Iain will introduce you not only to the delicious single malts of Glencadam, including the 10, 13, 21, and 25, but may also bring a surprise from Scotland just for the masterclass!


Glyph: The World’s First Molecular Spirits are Here
7:05pm Top Deck

Alec Lee CEO and Co-founder Endless West
Josh Decologon Chief Product Officer and Co-founder Endless West

What does Molecular Spirits mean for the future of food and beverage?

Come meet two founders from Endless West, and learn about how they use science to craft whiskey note by note using molecular analysis and natural extracts. You will taste their first product to go on the market, Glyph, as well as a few extra goodies.

Honor Cigars
Cigar and Whisky Pairing
8:10pm Top Deck

Join Troy Lawrence, owner of Honor Cigars and a professional Hand Cigar roller for a one of a kind experience. We will pair a rye and Paul John Indian Single Malt with your cigars and give you some insight for choosing cigars to pair with your whiskies. Cigars offer a social experience. The draw, smoke, and aroma that fills the air; It all brings people together! It’s the feeling of trust, a bond created by the cigars, and shared between strangers who immediately become family. Whisky can do this as well. They are a match made for each other.