What is Whiskies of the World?

Originating in San Francisco, Whiskies of the World is now a series of six hugely popular whisky festivals taking place in California, Texas and Georgia. Whiskies of the World offers guests the opportunity to taste superlative whiskies and to meet the outstanding personalities of the whisky world. Featuring whiskies from all over the United States, and also Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Japan and Australia, Whiskies of the World will surprise even the most savvy connoisseur. Local distilleries close to the event locations are also frequent participants.

What is Douglas Smith's role in Whiskies of the World?

Douglas Smith took over Whiskies of the World®, the oldest whisky tasting event in Northern America, in 2009. The events enjoyed immediate growth on several fronts, expanding from San Francisco and San Jose to Austin and Atlanta. In 2011, Douglas entered a strategic alliance with The IWSC Group to create an atmosphere where Whiskies of the World® could expand to more cities. 2018 saw the addition of our 6th show in Dallas, joining Austin and Houston to bring Whisky lovers in Texas the best whisky expo!

What's included in the ticket price?

•Hundreds of whiskies to sample (Scotch, Bourbon, American Craft, Malts, Grains, World, Blends)

•Scottish, Irish, American, Texan, Canadian, Indian, Australian, Japanese

•Meet Distillers and Brand Ambassadors


•Whisky Masterclasses: A guided tasting and educational experience.

•Cigar and Whisky pairing

What is VIP and why does it cost more?

VIP ticketed guests have easier access to brand ambassadors, distillers and blenders due they typically enter the event 60 minutes earlier than general admission attendees. This translates to less wait time for samples and more time to attend a whisky seminar. This ticket type costs more due to operating costs during this extra hour of an event.

In addition to the additional time, VIP attendees will have access to select expressions, or “VIP only pours”. Many brands bring limited, special editions only for VIP hour. Most of the time, these expressions are inclusive of one bottle and is unlikely to make it to the general admission start time.

What is a Master Class?

A 45 minute in depth journey into the Art of Whisky hosted by a Whisky industry professional (Distiller or their Ambassador(s)). It’s a great way for attendees to have a more intimate setting to learn about whisky, ask questions, and be focused on a guided tasting of four to six whiskies. Often included are expressions not offered in the main tasting hall.

Once you have purchased your ticket, instructions will be sent for registering for your masterclass ($5 charge for reserving a seat). If you’re not able to obtain a reservation to the Master Class of choice,  upon class start time open seats will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

Cigars and Whisky?

Many whisky connoisseurs find a cigar the perfect compliment to their whisky. As cigars come in all sizes and flavors, choosing the right cigar for your whisky is a must. We partner with some of the best hand-rolled cigar partner in the US. The Master Class for pairing is a combination learning from the cigar brand and the chosen whisky brand.

This event is held out doors— rain, wind, or beautiful night. If the night brings inclement weather (or there’s not a designated patio), a tent for the class will be put in place.

In addition, If you would like to enjoy a cigar during the event, you may purchase a “cut and smoke” cigar from our cigar partner for $5 and enjoy it on the cigar patio with your whisky!