San Francisco 2017

Masterclasses for Whiskies of the World San Francisco 2017

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your class to guarantee entry. Due to high demand for these classes, spaces will be given away 5 minutes before the class begins.  A link to register for classes is sent to customers after they purchase a main tasting pass.

Classroom A: Located on the adjacently docked Ferryboat (Santa Rosa)

7:00pm  Travis Tidwell: Beauty and the Beast: Glenmorangie vs Ardbeg:


An epic tale into the vast differences of two extraordinary whiskies and why they are the correct match for any whisky collection.

8:05pm  (Elixir Mixologist): Mastering Classic Whiskey Cocktails:


Understanding how to make impeccably good classic whiskey cocktails is life skill for many, and here’s your chance to learn from the bartenders at one of San Francisco’s best whiskey bars, Elixir. You’ll learn about every ingredient and why they work in the cocktail, all of the tools you’ll need to stock your home bar with and the general skills to up your home bar-tending game across the board.  Includes four cocktail samples.

Classroom B: Located on the SF Belle top deck

 7:00pm  Gabriel Cardarella (Last Great Malts):


A deeply knowledgeable whisky expert, Gabriel Cardarella has educated bartenders and consumers around the world about the special taste of DEWAR’S. Join Gabriel as he shares the stories behind the Last Great Malts and takes guests through a tasting of some special expressions not available in the main tasting room.

8:05pm  Adam Spiegel (Sonoma County Distilling):


Join Adam Spiegel, Owner and Head Distiller of Sonoma County Distilling Company, to learn about his approach to crafting grain to glass whiskeys. As California’s first premier whiskey-focused distillery, Adam will discuss what sets their rye, wheat and bourbon whiskeys a part from what is made in Kentucky. He’ll share why utilizing direct-fired copper alembic pot stills, the finest grains for their mash bill and a unique barrel ageing program makes all the difference in their limited-release whiskeys–each reflecting the exceptional terroir of Sonoma County.

9:10pm Thomas G. Brock (Partagas Cigar Whisky Pairing):


Presented by Thomas G. Brock, manager of Telford’s Pipe & Cigars in Mill Valley and partner/bartender at the Occidental Cigar Club. Thomas has worked exclusively in the Premium Tobacco Industry for the last ten years. Likely to smuggle his own cigars into  Cuba, he is constantly trying new premium blends, examining new pipe accessories, drinking whisky and reading classic literature.  Be enlightened as Thomas provides insightful advice on Cigar and Whisky pairing while providing political, personal and philosophical commentary.


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