Sean Holloway

Sean never expected to become a whiskey enthusiast when he was first introduced to the spirits industry, but after four years of constant contact with spirits lovers ranging from ‘the expert’ to ‘the average Joe’, he has picked up a lot of knowledge and a lot of love for whiskey.
Sean runs the largest Twin Liquors between San Antonio and Austin where he regularly puts together classes for his customers that range from introductory level wine courses to intermediate level spirits courses.  When he isn’t teaching, he is helping customers with their needs, whether it is a single bottle for the weekend or a 20 case order for a wedding.  The knowledge that he has picked up over his time in the spirits industry has been refined by two structured certification courses: the Twin Liquors Wine & Spirits Authority and the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level II.  With every new product Sean samples, he thinks about how the consumer might like it as well as how he personally feels about it.  Sean takes pride in not only discovering new knowledge about a subject as vast and interesting as whiskey, but he loves even more the opportunity to share this knowledge with others.
When he isn’t getting paid to talk about whiskey, he can often be found sharing his knowledge for free with friends and family (sometimes even without being prompted to!).  He counts several things among his hobbies, but chief among them might be riding through the Texas hill country on his motorcycle, floating the San Marcos River with friends, and drinking bourbon with anyone.