Sean Maguire

Sean Maguire opened and runs the most recently opened Twin Liquors store in the central Austin Area. Life and his strong self determination have brought him along a professional journey that he always expected to take. Working for Twin Liquors as a sales associate and now a store manager has broadened the knowledge base and experiences that he has been absorbing all his life (mostly through his liver). As part of the team at the Round Rock Twin Liquors, he helped plan and bring to fruition monthly whisky classes, showcasing ambassadors and brands from local to International. This expertise, as well as his continuing dedication to educating himself about spirits and wine earned him the chance to run his own store, Twin Liquors The Parke in Cedar Park. He holds a Twin Liquors Wine and Spirits Authority 2015 certificate, an in house program developed by Twin Liquors for the advancement of employees in knowledge and experience. This included a ten week, four hour per session program, offering vast experience in tasting, comparing and refining one’s palate to be accepting of all varieties of spirits and wine. He also holds as WSET Level II 2017 Intermediate level qualification for wine and spirits in the industry of libation sales. In early 2018 he learned of a new event called the Texas Whiskey Festival. He reached out to the festival organizer to offer his service. Jake Clements, the organizer, offered Sean the opportunity to become the Contest Facilitator. With judging limited to Texas whiskies, the contest in 2018 had about 30 expressions ranging from grain to glass, single malt, rye, bourbon and blends. He once again was the Contest Facilitator in 2019 and saw the entries jump to over 50 expressions. When Sean is not selling, thinking about, or drinking whisky, he enjoys bicycling and spending time with his son.